In order to find Freelance Graphic Design in Delhi work, you will need to do extensive networking. The downside of freelancing is that you have to dedicate time to looking for clients and marketing yourself, rather than simply designing and showcasing your talent.

Aside from the usual answer of “they design”, freelance graphic designers in delhi offer a range of services, some of which I will highlight below:

  • Logo design: Whether creating a unique image for a company, busting out some fantastic hand-drawn type, or compiling a brand with existing typefaces, logos are typically the realm of the graphic designer. This often goes along with branding a company and can be something the designer creates from scratch, with a team, or to complement existing design work.
  • Layout Design: Whether printed or digital, any form of media that requires layout design will call for a designer to do it. Magazines, newspapers, book covers, advertisements and more all need someone to combine photographs, typography, and illustrations into a cohesive design for the reader or viewer. Often this coincides with preparing files for printing or publication.
  • Packaging Design: From cereal boxes to make-up packaging, all products that require design before they hit the shelves in stores need a graphic designer in Delhi to create the box template, layout, and composition of their packaging. It’s a very broad category, but anything that is sold or displayed had a designer behind it in some capacity.

And more… Icons for web display or mobile games, user interfaces, sell sheets for product lines given to retailers, or literally anything that needs to be designed can and will be created by a graphic designer.

Freelancers often don’t stick to one sort of client or specialty, preferring to diversify their portfolios and have as many clients as they can. The possibilities for work are numerous, which can also bite a designer in that there are many, many hungry artists out there trying to scoop up said work as well.

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What Training Does a Freelance Graphic Designer in Delhi Go Through?

Just like in-house designers and freelance illustrators, the training of a freelance graphic designer in India varies. Some have a degree in graphic design, while others are self-taught and have worked up a portfolio over time in order to acquire clients.

A degree can get your foot in the door with potential clients or more hits on a site like LinkedIn, but can also be very expensive depending on what school you choose to attend. Not every degree program is equal either. Some schools have more recognition than others, larger budgets for a more diverse degree program or access to better technology and supplies, or a better staff (which really is a toss-up depending on what you want to learn and who they’ve hired).

Who Does a Graphic Designer Work for, and How Are Clients Sourced?

Let’s take this in two parts, starting with the type of clients a freelance graphic designer may have. Clients may be small businesses just starting up or large companies known worldwide. It’s not uncommon for a company to outsource some of its graphic design work even if they have in-house designers; especially to meet tight deadlines or get batches of work done .

Now, let’s talk about how clients are sourced. When asked how they acquired clients, every single one of my interview subjects said the client comes to them at this point in their career. Whether it’s through social media, their website, or networking, they are being contacted by the client who at that point has already seen their portfolio or resume.

How Do Designers Self-Promote?

Designers have to be their own marketing team, often, unless they have an agent or hire someone to do their marketing for them (which sounds fantastic, but is also expensive). Many designers share their work through online portfolio sites like Behance, Dribbble, and deviantArt. They also remain active in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What Projects Do Graphic Designers Produce, and What Media Do They Work With?

Let’s start this two-part question with what sort of projects a graphic designer may produce. I’ve mentioned layout design, and in particular layout design for printed media like magazines or advertisements within magazines or newspapers. Since there are way too many project types and associated media, I’ll use a magazine advertisement as an example.

The designer is given a brief from their client (usually the company or person who has purchased ad space and would like to advertise their product or business). Often they’ll provide product photos or the designer works with the photographer gathering the images they need for the final advertisement.